Walkley Walk News

Firstly the Club wishes to thank all who have participated in the Walkley Walk over the past 30 years. During that time it is estimated that the total funds raised via the event have exceeded £300,000 and indeed last year’s walk was again successful, although with a greatly diminished number of participants.

Walkers raised money for their own designated beneficiaries, with others walking specifically in aid of the club’s designated cause – The Radiotherapy Appeal conducted by Brighter Futures.   The Walk raised a total of £8,667 for the Appeal and this, coupled with the funds raised by the other clubs in Area 5, led to the Rotary Area 5 donation exceeding £100,000.  In turn, this resulted in the Appeal fund breaking through the “£1 Million barrier.

It is with great regret therefore that the Club has decided to suspend the Walk until further notice; a decision that was not taken lightly.

There is no doubt that the Walk had become the victim of its own success, with several organisations taking up the cudgel to organise similar events of their own.

With so many walks taking place within just a few weeks of each other and consequently the number of participants diminishing year on year, the organisation, marshalling and operating costs of the event were becoming increasingly disproportionate.

And so, on behalf of the club and the beneficiaries, a big, big thank you to all of the walkers, organisers, marshals, landowners and all others who have contributed in some way to the success of the event over the past 30 years. Your efforts have been greatly appreciated.

For the time being, The Walkley Walk will remain on the back burner, but please watch this space for further announcements.